The Tarot Parlour ~

  With Author & Taroist
Amythyst Raine 

Tarot Readings:

1. 6/cups

Random insights: Haunting memories; you may have been thinking about someone, or an incident, from your past; I get the impression of nostalgia, perhaps the feeling of a loss, I’m not sure if this time of year has something to do with it, or if you’ve got something going on right now in your life that would connect with this energy; “white lilies”-- a funeral, or a lost love, saying good-by; I’m also getting the impression that someone is offering you something and you’re not sure whether you should take it or not.

The idea of being in deep thought, reflecting on the past, or quietly speculating on the future without jumping in with both feet can be a good thing. It means that you’re not going to react rashly, or make any quick decisions that you might regret later. Never let anyone rush you into anything.

Either you’re experiencing some sort of disruption in your life or daily routine right now, or a decision you make now will determine whether you will experience this disruption at a later date. (The idea of a disruption is often viewed as something that is negative; but this is not always the case, sometimes a disruption in our life simply stems from a change in present circumstances, and this change and these circumstances may not necessarily be negative.)


2. 3/cups

When the dust has settled, you may be very happy with the results. This is traditionally a card of celebration; merriment; a time for congratulations-- good job; you’ve succeeded; you deserve to be happy; whatever you’ve done, it’s worked; you’ve made the right decision-- all of which are energy I get from this card.

Random insights: a gathering, or ‘the’ gathering; the triple goddess; three choices, three options; clearing the way; stepping into the clearing; getting rid of all the trash and build up of life in order to see your way clearly; making a connection with female relatives or very close friends; singing, dancing, music; two paths, two choices; mirror images; yin-yang; black and white.

Something is headed your way that is going to require a lot of patience and planning. Make sure all your ducks are in a row, and don’t get in a hurry. It will happen when it’s suppose to happen and not a day sooner.


3. The Star

Traditionally this card has a ‘light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel’ quality to it. I have the feeling that it’s trying to tell us that everything will work out in the end, so don’t waste your energy and frazzle yourself worrying when you could be using your time and talents in preparation and planning.

Random insights: I have the impression that you’re very busy, possibly burning the candle at both ends, perhaps heavily involved with two different sets of circumstances, two different sets of responsibilities…that type of thing. The idea of something nice coming that you’re not expecting, perhaps a gift; fairy magick, or fairy contact; the number ‘7’.

Patience is going to be key in your life right now. I feel that you are waiting for something, and waiting is never easy-- no matter how old we are, or what we’re waiting for. Believe me, patience will pay off for you in ways you could never imagine.

1. 9/pentacles

Traditionally this is the lady of leisure, or at least a woman who is happy with who she is and where she’s at in life.

Random insights: I have the impression that you train something, guide something, perhaps you are a parent or guardian of a child, but this energy also feels as though it could pertain to an animal or animals. Fertility; the idea of ‘predator and prey’; energy that is filled with a sense of adrenalin; a garden, or the idea of a bountiful harvest in the future; also, the feeling of being on the outside looking in; a nonconformist.

The root chakra has come up for this reading. The base chakra deals with our survival; being able to get what we need for basic needs; it rules our ‘fight or flight’ instinct; this energy center is what gives us the impetus to do what we have to do to get ahead in the world. Since this chakra has come up in this reading, I feel it must mean that these are issues that are important to you; or this chakra may not be working properly and needs to be cleared and balanced.

2. 3/cups

Traditionally the three of cups is a card of merriment and celebration. It heralds good news ahead and something to be happy about.

Random insights: toasting a success; the possibility of going in two different directions and the idea that a choice needs to be made; the triple goddess; re-connecting with your feminine side, or with a sisterhood; finding your center; reaching a clearing-- in other words, working your way through a difficult path to successfully reach a goal; the idea of listening to and following your own intuition. Also, I have the impression that you are yourself psychic, or that you often experience prophetic dreams.

“Balance” comes to mind as a key ingredient to smoothing your life, paving the way for success, and reaching your full potential on all levels-- by body, mind, and spirit. If you feel that there is something in your life that is off-kilter, you will greatly benefit by figuring out what it is and then taking steps to correct it.

3. The Star

This card could be titled “Hope”, because this is the main theme of The Star. Traditionally this is the ‘light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel’ card, and it heralds better times ahead, a resolution to problems, or success on the horizon.

Random insights: fairy magick, or fairy contact; the number ‘7’’; the Heptagram (a seven point star, each point relating to a specific planet and its energy); the impression that you are trying to do two things at once, and while commendable, this is often hard to do successfully, without draining yourself (perhaps you‘re working at two jobs?)-- make sure you find some time, if even 15 minutes a day, to stop and clear your mind, light a candle and some incense, allow your mind to float and thus re-connect with your body and spirit. (This sounds so simple (or ditzy!), but as the mother of seven children, I personally find it necessary.

The positive energy from The Star bodes well for success in your future. If you’re worried or frazzled over any issues in your life right now, it would be wonderful if you could re-route these emotions and put all this energy into positive activities to enhance your life.

Ace/wands ®5/pentacles, 8/swords, 7/swords

 Do you feel trapped in some way through a business contract or venture? That’s the impression coming through. Also, someone may be taking advantage of you, taking something from you, possibly doing this in a secret and dishonest way, all of this having a negative impact on finances.

Page/wands ®Knight/wands ®, 2/cups ®, 3/pentacles

There is difficulties arising in a coupling (either within personal relationship issues, or through business relationship issues). Either way, this is impacting both business and personal aspects of your life.

10/cups ®

8/wands, 10/wands, Strength

Whatever is or has happened to you personally, where family is concerned, seems to have happened very quickly, maybe out of the blue. It’s added burdens and stress that can sap your strength physically and emotionally if you allow it to. Communication is the key, don’t allow anyone to stifle it.

Other impressions…someone isn’t speaking their true feelings, or someone is not being allowed to express themselves freely for some reason. The expression “over the rainbow”. Don’t act rashly, take your time making decisions. There seems to be a repeating pattern that’s gone on for a long time in your life.

4/pentacles ®……5/cups ®……King/wands

Ace/swords……The Wheel of fortune ®


Your life has taken some sort of turn which involves a loss and a change in your financial situation. The sword and the knight both speak of sharp mental pain and conflict. My first feeling is that you may have lost someone very important in your life recently. If not lost through a death, they were “lost” in some other way. Through mental clarity and your own creativity, you can turn these events around and improve your life and your present situation. The base of this pyramid, perhaps what started this whole chain of events, was an unexpected message or revelation.

10/cups ®……10/swords……5/wands

First impression: My first impression is that things at home tend to be hectic; you’re not getting a lot of support from your spouse, as a matter of fact, the cards seem to indicate that there’s some aspect of what you do that he may not agree with; for some reason a lot of stress and tension are coming through the cards.

10/cups ®: On the surface everything looks idyllic, but this is not the reality of it all. I also get the feeling of confinement, being closed into a small space-- literally or figuratively. This card suggests that if you feel you need more freedom, you should actively seek it; by being passive you will become stagnant and there won’t be the normal forward progression that you would naturally expect in life…and this can apply to many things, from your relationship and your current situation, to your business endeavors.

A closer look: There will be a change of pace with your home businesses, but the progression will be slow, and the results may not meet your needs. In order to achieve financial independence, you may need to supplement your home business income with a regular paycheck from an outside source.

10/swords: This card would indicate that someone is not being supportive, and I can even go so far as to say that someone could be sabotaging your efforts. I get the feeling of the “one step forward, two steps back” syndrome.

A closer look: Has someone you love left, perhaps in an unexpected way? The impressions coming through with this card feel traumatic, as though you’ve experienced a major upset in some area of your life. Whatever this is, it’s time to take charge; to gain control over your future; to face your situation realistically; to make necessary changes.

5/wands: As a reader yourself, I’m sure you recognize the squabbling and bickering that are connected with the five of wands. The impression that I’m getting is that the atmosphere around you is often chaotic. This is where you have to reach into your center, to learn to ground yourself, to find a sense of stillness within, even when outward circumstances are not conducive to peace and contemplation.

A closer look: At the center of this is a man. My feeling is that he may appear quiet, yet he tends to be stubborn and dominating, often passive/aggressive. Does he have his own little addictions and obsessions? At any rate, he appears to be at the center of all the chaos. And in amongst all of this activity, which can represent most busy families and households, you will find an opportunity to advance in your business/financial endeavors. The issues on this point, for you, are-- 1) it’s not going to blossom overnight, and thus, these endeavors will not meet your immediate financial needs; 2) there’s some underlying issues coming up here which tends to overshadow your home business endeavors, giving them a sense of urgency; 3) You have to learn to center and ground yourself, whether it be to pursue your tarot/doll business; or even just to find natural peace within yourself, to lessen stress, and to discover a sense of satisfaction in your accomplishments.

The Hierophant……The Chariot……Page/swords

You are still suffering the affects of a past relationship with an extremely controlling man, and it’s this past experience that is causing you to have problems trusting or to open up and totally accept the mutuality and sharing that is normal in most relationships. You will have to get beyond this past experience in order to fully experience and enjoy any future relationships. Some healing is required.

I’m getting several impressions here that I’m just going to toss out and we’ll see where it takes us:

A man who is charming, who can be very charming, yet he can also be immature, and he often tends to make lousy decisions. A man who may have something unpleasant in his past, and if so, he either doesn’t want to talk about it, or he deliberately hides it. I’m getting the impression that there’s something about Jim that bothers you, deep down, and you can’t even put your finger on what it is. It would be best to open the closet door and shake any skeletons found there.

You may be setting yourself up for heartache by not listening to your intuition. Don’t become so attached to a happy-ever-after fairy tale ending that you force round pegs to fit into square holes. That will get uncomfortable after a while, and something will have to give.

Do you feel a sense of responsibility for this individual because he moved clear across the country for this relationship? If so, don’t. This grown man made a decision to do this, and in doing this he was taking all the normal risks of entering into a new partnership, and he knew this. I’m getting the feeling that there may be more pressure on you than normal to accept this relationship, more pressure than normal to make it work.

In the end, you’re going to have to make a decision. You’re going to have to decided on your journey, your direction, and if you’re going to be traveling this road with or without Jim. I have a feeling that little warning bells are going off in your head. If so, please heed them.

*Note: Because of the gravity of this situation and the impact that it will have on your life, I have to admit that I laid a few more cards for you, quite a few actually. Please listen to your intuition. If you feel the issues that are creating problems can be worked out, great; but if the issues that are causing problems now can’t be worked out, they will only get worse. If you are unhappy now, it may not get any better in the future.

Here’s the other cards I turned for this reading:

1) 8/swords ®…Ace/wands…King/wands

2) Page/pentacles…10/swords ®…King/cups

3) 2/cups…3/swords…The Fool ®


In the past your life lacked balance, and this is carried over in your present situations, and it is what could be having a negative influence on the energies around you. For one thing, it may be beneficial to have your chakras balanced, as the imbalance in any of these energy centers can contribute to or reflect imbalances in our everyday lives. Also, if there are issues from your childhood or early life that have left a negative impact on you, it’s time to come to terms with them, or at least to get to the point where we can release them, as negative energies, memories, emotions could also be contributing to this imbalance.

Also…I believe this card is telling me that you have a great deal of patience, but be sure to listen to your inner voice and the hints you get from your body-- when enough is enough, be sure to say so and act upon it. Spring time may prove very significant to you, and this significance could show it’s presence as a deadline, a decision, an opportunity, or a coming to terms with something. You may be having a difficult time coming to a decision or acting upon it because you are not thinking clearly-- stress, bickering, disagreements, indecision…all of these things may be adding to the weight you feel.


The card of celebration…What you may be celebrating could be a culmination from the card above, particularly if you found the direction, the strength, and the resolve to make a difficult decision or to decide on a particular path. Whatever you find to celebrate at this time in your life, it’s going to come from a long story of personal sacrifice, possibly an injustice, and maybe something that a woman has said to you…perhaps your mother, or a mother figure-- a woman who’s opinion you respect.

Also…“Hang in there.” ; the idea of reaching beyond what you thought you could do, stretching yourself, going out on a limb; partnering, but in a different or unexpected way; reaching a goal; leveling off on a comfortable plateau. The idea that everything seems very ‘fixed’ came to mind with this card as well; the idea that perhaps you think everything is set in stone, when it’s actually not. Life is mutable, flexible, and except for your ancestry, death, and taxes-- anything we don’t like can be changed.

8/wands (reversed)

You may feel that you are at a standstill, or that life is barely creeping along. And this may be true, or it may be that this is the vision you have of it from where you are standing. I’m also getting the impression of obsessions, addictions…and I feel that this could have something to do with the idea of feeling that you have no control over your life, your destiny, or decisions that impact this life…and this isn’t true. If you’re over 18, you get to say who/what/where/when/how about every aspect of your life, and no one can tell you otherwise-- unless you let them. I’m also getting the impression of overwhelming male influence. It’s going to be up to you who wins with this energy-- you can either squelch it or silence it with decisions that you make, or you can cave in to it and be silent.

The cards are telling you to find your voice; and I believe this is the most important message of this reading.


1. This is you.


You are having an issue with someone or something right now. This card appears when someone is stressed out and under a lot of pressure; when they are having trouble sleeping, or are experiencing nightmares; when they are exceedingly worried about something.

The answers you are looking for to ease this situation may come from an entirely unexpected source, which is probably right under your nose. You just may be so upset with present circumstances that you’re not paying attention. Knowledge is the key.

2. This is your defense.


Your best defense is to join forces. The couple on this card are uniting their energy, their resources, their personal strengths, and their will to confront, to overcome, to win, to make necessary changes. You have an ally close by, seek out his/her support.

A third party will back you both up. By listening to this card and acting on it, you will find that you suddenly have the necessary resources to do that which you want to do, need to do, or planned to do.

3. This is what you are afraid of.

The Tower ®

You are afraid of total devastation; you are afraid of everything going to hell in a hand basket. You’re afraid of unexpected repercussions that will change everything.

This fear may be what’s keeping you from taking action or making changes. The thing is that even if the changes you make cause a disruption in the beginning, the changes may be necessary in order for you to advance. And also, we must realize that ‘disruption’ isn’t forever, everything calms down in time. Life will find it’s comfortable rhythm once again.

4. This is what drives you.


If this Queen represents you-- you drive yourself, and most likely you drive yourself ruthlessly, pushing yourself to your limits. If this Queen represents a female figure in your life, it is she who drives you, pushing you to succeed, but perhaps causing you unnecessary stress and pressure in the process.

This Queen represents the element of Fire-- passion, strength of will, control, rigidity, unrelenting quest for success and perfection. She has to stop to smell the roses; to feel the sunshine on her face; to reconnect with the earth, the earth Mother, and her own spirit. If not, she could experience a death inside herself, a death of something intangible yet necessary for survival of the soul.

5. This is what you are left with.

The Emperor

You are left with a man, or with the dominating overwhelming influence of a man or group of men.  

This card represents a clique world, a time when women fell back into comfortable folds and familiar roles. In this sense, this card represents freedom from the need to make decisions, to be the one people come to with questions, to be the one responsible for everyone and everything around you. In essence, it is akin to a release of responsibility.

6. This is what the future will bring.


Someone is going to take something from you…either materially, as in theft; or symbolically, as in taking away something intangible from you, such as power, control, self-esteem, sense of peace, etc.

In this whole process, there may be a witness. If it’s something intangible, there’s someone who has witnessed this whole process, or someone who is privy to the details. Everything will feel as though it’s left up in the air, something’s incomplete, not finalized. Whatever is missing needs to be returned, or it needs to be regained.

You may feel like a victim.

7. This is what brings you back down to earth.

3/wands ®

What brings you back down to earth is a partnership, an individual, or a small group of people who support you. What brings you back down to earth is a strong connection that you have with these individuals, or with an organization they are connected to. 

This card often represents business ventures; successful contracts and negotiations; the idea of new opportunities, usually through connections. It is the card of the ‘three-some’; of something that shows up in triplicate; the idea of choices to make; patience; and waiting.

Death ®

This card is a card of tremendous life-changing transitions. Some people may view this as a ‘calamity’, and the optimists may see it as ‘inevitable change’. Either way, this card represents the kind of ‘life-will-never-be-the-same’ experience.

Other impressions from this card…The idea that you are mourning something; a group of people or bodies swimming together, or mired in mud; the idea of a raven or crow-- some small black bird, also comes to mind; the waning crescent moon; the idea of passing over or passing through something, a journey; white roses.


The six of pentacles is usually a positive card representing banding together, positive financial situations, and a sense of unity and connection.

Other impressions from this card…On this card there is the illustration of a couple standing before a white-haired gentleman, obviously being wed. The thing that makes the most impression on me is the fact that the man presumably marrying the woman has his eyes closed. This represents denial, dismissal, or indifference.

His heart wasn’t in it. This flippant attitude towards women is all too common among men. You see it less the other way around; women tend to take connections more seriously, whether these connections are relationships with the possibility of long and lasting commitment or not.

By dwelling on the outcome of this brief relationship, you will weaken yourself, waste positive energy, and perhaps miss other connections that could come from someone close around you. Best to consider this a learning experience and move forward.

The Emperor ®

This is a card of pure male energy. It’s often very strong energy, overpowering or unpleasant to some people who may be sensitive to it. This card came up reversed, which tells me that this influence is gone, or that you’ve become accustomed to it.

Other impressions from this card…once again-- the waning crescent moon comes to mind, and since it’s come up again, I believe that it may be connected to timing in some way;overpowering energy of Aries; the element of Air; the idea of a man who sets himself apart or above the individuals around him.

1. Basic Soul Nature/upon entering this life:

The Hierophant ®

The Hierophant is a card of traditionalism and conservative mainstream behavior. In this case it’s reversed, telling me that you were anything but. Whatever the era represented by this past life reading, you were not fitting into society quietly, you were bucking the system, going against the norm of the day, igniting controversy, possibly gossip and conjecture.

This may not have only put you in a position to be shunned, socially cast aside, but this may have even put you and your family at certain risk and under close scrutiny. Whatever it was that you were involved in, it was very far-reaching and quite innovative for the time.

2. Environment:

The Moon ®

The environment you lived in was one filled with suspicion, intrigue, and deception. You never knew who to trust-- who is a friend; who could be an enemy. The air around you was filled with the negativity and stress of this atmosphere, the pressure of always feeling that you had to be on guard. There was another individual very close to you, possibly a female, and you may have felt very protective of her.

There was a third individual who played into this scenario, someone that I don’t think you were aware of at the time; someone who wished to separate you from your friend. I’m not sure who this character was, though I feel that their intentions were dark and sinister. I feel that you may have been personally responsible for protecting a very valuable piece of information or an item. This dark character was scheming to get it…The essence of this energy may still be with you, following you from lifetime to lifetime, like a shadow attempting to come between you and someone you love.

3. Early Years:

6/wands ®

Your early years in this past life were hard. Though you eventually achieved what you desired, enough to make you feel successful and at peace with yourself, you got to this point through a variety of difficult circumstances. Being at odds with a group of people seems to be a recurring theme, and in spite of taking on the world and everyone in it to prove your point, you get what you want and arrive at your planned destination points within this life-- a little harder and the worse for wear, perhaps, but wiser and with more life experience gained.

There’s also the impression of holding forth a stave, a torch, or some sort of long weapon; holding it at arms length above your head in a sign of victory, of having arrived, of having defeated your enemies or won something.

4. Education:

The Magician ®

This card represents power and knowledge, but in it’s reversed position, it’s telling me that you did not achieve all that you wished to in this area of your past life, and this may have been due to society and the fact that you were going against the grain in some way. I believe that your being a woman-- for I feel feminine energy-- may have contributed to this position, and to the wall of disapproval and the inability to move forward.

You learned in secret. You crossed the line of what was appropriate many times in this lifetime. It became a way of life, the only way that you could move your journey forward. Because of knowledge that you possessed, or power that some believed you held, you frightened people.

Communication was your forte. The power that you possessed came through your ability to communicate with those around you, to touch people with your words in such a manner that you could be very convincing. The science of the time-- and I believe that we’re speaking of a medieval era, though I haven’t pinned it down more closely than this yet-- the science of the time intrigued you; and physics in the dark ages was viewed very suspiciously and superstitiously, often seen as black magic, the work of the devil.

5. Accomplishments:

The Hanged Man

You became a martyr for your cause, placing it above and beyond your own needs or your welfare. People looked up to you for what you stood for and the actions that you put into place to make changes to your world that you felt were necessary. Your greatest accomplishment in your past life was to move people to open new channels of thought, to view the world from new and unexpected perspectives. You had the ability to rouse passion for a cause.

Also coming through, the energy of Sagittarius. I believe that you were born in the dark winter months, and it’s this energy that stayed with you throughout this past lifetime.

6. Occupation:

The Empress

Your life was centered around home, family, and motherhood. It was also rich with matriarchal female energies and a sense of community within a sisterhood. The image on this card is one which conveys not only The Matriarch, but the seer as well. Within your village or area, people often came to you for guidance, possibly for your ability to dowse, as well as herbal remedies, healing, and other needs you were able to fulfill through your alchemical knowledge.

In essence, you were the village wise-woman.

7. Social Status:

The High Priestess ®

You were revered within your area as a priestess, as a spiritual teacher and guide. To this end, people respected your opinion on relevant social issues of the time, on not only spiritual matters, but issues involving disputes and disagreements. You seemed to be in a position of authority, which would lend the timing of these events to be before the rise of Christianity, which brought about the end of female spiritual leaders and a demotion of women in society in general.

I believe that you were successful in this position for a very long period of time.

8. Relationships:


Although your family relationships were close-knit, and you enjoyed the role of wife and mother, you often felt the stress of confrontations and the pressure of having to deal with multitudes of people on a variety of levels. This proved draining. It appears that either there were people who were constantly trying to usurp your place within the community or question your decisions and motives. Most of these people, I suspect, were individuals who would have benefited by ruining your reputation.

You appeared to have an enemy(s) lurking at the edges of your life.

9. Family Life:


You were the peace keeper. You were also the protectress. This card is an odd one for this position-- it appears as a card meaning that someone is on guard; someone has set up a line of defense; someone is always battle ready, prepared to fight, prepared to stave off an attack.

For the ancient time period I believe is manifesting within this reading, this makes sense. Villages-- and families-- were living in isolation, with no way of knowing what was happening in the world around them, gaining news by word of mouth alone. You can imagine that marauding bands of warriors, lone thieves, and rival tribes were a constant threat.

10. Death:

10/cups ®

It appears that you were fortunate to have lived a long life within this time-- many people didn’t; but eventually your life of hard work, responsibility, and most likely the lack of modern medicine and conveniences, caught up with you. I also believe that you outlived most of your family members within this lifetime and died a solitary peaceful death.

11 & 12. Lessons Learned:


You learned to deal with the world through intellectual paths highlighted by a keen talent for communication, supported by your knowledge, wisdom, and experience. You also learned to like yourself-- you knew what it was to be happy with who you were, with your position in life, with your achievements, and with your state of being on a variety of levels-- materially and spiritually.

13 & 14. How your past life affects your present life:

4/pentacles…6/cups ®

Your past life, at least the one represented here, left you with the ability to save your pennies; it left you with a real sense of frugality. It also left you with a strong connection to family and friends, a sense of nostalgia that you may find perplexing at times, not knowing where it’s coming from. You might also experience the feeling of someone who is ‘missing’. In actuality this is a loved one who passed in a previous lifetime; and this feeling of unexplained loss will only be magnified with the loss of a loved one in this lifetime who is connected to you in a similar way, through a similar relationship-- whether it be friend, sibling, parent, grandparent, etc.

1. What am I presently experiencing in my life and what does my near future hold?

Princess/cups ®

This card tells me that you are experiencing the lack of a partner at this time in your life (the reversed position). This card also tells me that you are an individual who is very sensitive to the emotions of others and the energy around you, and that this often effects your own emotions and mood swings. You must be empathic, which would explain why you can be happy one moment and suddenly be seized with an entirely different emotion at the snap of a finger, all the while being puzzled yourself about your own mood swing. This is most likely to happen when you’re in a crowd of people, which is why many empaths, especially those who are super-sensitive, avoid large crowds.

Other impressions-- these are just odd off-the-wall impressions coming through…Are you holding onto something very dear, which you are afraid of losing? (perhaps an object that belonged to someone else?) In looks you are striking and unique in an unusual way, you’re not the standard of classic beauty, but you stand out from other women, and in passing people tend to look and look again. This is often the most enchanting kind of beauty.

Judgement ®……3/swords ®……6/pentacles ®

At first glance: There is a heartache you are experiencing now/you’re being too hard and judgmental on yourself at this time/you’re not wanting for anything materially at the present, you have what you need/you’re also feeling wistful.

This group of cards will be taking its cue from the top card, the reversed Princess of Cups, which comes back to the topic of love and romance. When your feelings of sadness, aloneness, and yearning for companionship eases, once you are focused on other issues of life, that’s when someone new will enter your world. And this is often the way it works. Sometimes we become so entrenched in ideas of what we want and when, that we tend to work against the natural movement of the universe instead of working with it.

When you relax and stop thinking about the future, perhaps because you’re so busy with other responsibilities or pursuits in the present…when you least expect it, someone will tap you on the shoulder…and there he will be.

I wish I could give you a specific time-line on this, but I can’t. The movement of these events depends more on you-- your emotions; your focus; the idea that you relax into yourself, live your life to the fullest day by day, and let the future unfold naturally around you.

(We also have to look at the rest of the cards, the answer might lay ahead.)

2. Will I be blessed with a companion and/or family, and if so, when will this happen?


This card points to autumn, but I have no idea if it’s autumn of this year, or another. This card also speaks of fertility-- fertility in life, business, success with endeavors; in your face energy-- Air energy to communicate and connect, implying important life-changing connections; and the element of Fire (wands) implying passion and intensity.

Other impressions-- The element of Air is very strong here, highlighting communication; also the energy of the dragon, which tends to be more assertive energy, it moves things along faster; the idea of seeking/guarding something; the idea that someone is trying to tell you something, and you may have been so distracted that you didn’t notice or didn’t really listen; the impressions of fertility and harvest-- and I believe this is referring to your life and it’s future stages; “look to your left, over your shoulder“-- on most days, where you usually work/sit/stand…what’s there?


Future companions…You’ll have two men in your future, both who will have an impact on your life in very different ways because they will be very different men. These relationships could bring about a couple different things: 1) squabbling and disagreements between you and one of the men; between you and both of the men; or between the two men themselves; 2) squabbling and disagreements between you and your family because of one of the men, or because of both of the men. I’m not sure yet if these relationships will come close together, or whether they’ll be spaced out in your lifetime.

Other impressions-- The first man, the Knight of Pentacles, will seem like the most stable, but he is also the most controlling, keeping a tight rein on his world and everyone and everything in it. If you don’t mind this type of thing, all will be well, however, if this type of man and the control which he wields bothers you, this relationship will not last long. You may find yourself easily influenced by this man at first; you’ll discover that the physical connection is absolutely wonderful, and this may cloud your judgment about the relationship and the whole picture, the big picture.

The Knight of Cups is a dreamier, spacier, more easy going man. Because of his very romantic and idealistic mind and manner, life with him will not be as stable where money and material things go. This knight is all about love and he tends to be a hopeless romantic; he also tends to be a dreamer, which means that he’s not always realistic in his expectations and his plans for the future. If you’re extraordinarily stable person, stable enough for the two of you, then you will be the one making solid decisions in this relationship-- and if you don’t mind this role, this relationship could work quite well.

Don’t worry about the five of wands-- the squabbling will be short-lived. After looking at all the cards together for this section, I would tend to say that this squabbling is going to involve a group of people, which would point to family.

3. Will I continue to work and live abroad, and in what status, and will I be financially comfortable?


Random impressions-- stability; financial stability; autumn; another dragon, only this one is more forceful, more purposeful, larger, the energy geared more to survival mode and the more mundane aspects of life; control, a controlled environment, exerting control, being in control, a sense of calmness that comes with routine and the lack of chaos. Yes, this card says that you will be comfortable financially-- remember that comfortable doesn’t mean rich, it means that you will not want for the necessities of life. Status-- in whatever domain you choose for your future, you will be the one in control, the one making the decisions. I would think that this would point to some other career than the military. I don’t know yet whether you will be living abroad or not-- I’ll have to turn the other cards for this group…

Ace/cups……10/pentacles ®……The Tower

The Ace of Cups generally tells me when a new relationship is in the near future. It heralds the beginning; first meeting; recognition, whether recognition of minds, or souls, or soul mates. This card holds promise for the future, and indeed, it specifies that the future is coming, yet to unfold, yet to reveal its treasures.

Other observations-- uncontained joy and enthusiasm; a key…you hold the key (the key to what, I haven’t seen yet, but this implies that you hold the power); innate curiosity; a release of energy; subtle femininity.

The ten of pentacles implies family and all the business that goes along with family, and this includes such things as financial business-- especially with this card. It can imply problems in this area where family is concerned, it can also point to a slight confusion or misunderstanding, a miscommunication (the reversed aspects of this card) Also…lineage; ancestry; family lines; heritage; family trees; genealogy; the generations, or a strong connection within a family and it’s generations.

We end this reading with The Tower…huge, in your face, changes. These changes are often unexpected and disruptive (and I’d have to look, but didn’t The Tower come up in one of your previous readings?).

Other observations-- Scorpio (autumn); communication and the element of Air-- this seems to be a particular pattern within this reading; explosions, or an explosive force, or an explosive energy that mitigates sudden change; a period of huge transformation, which also naturally points to a period of adjustment.

*Note: Just as a precaution-- if you work with explosives, or around explosives, be very careful.

Will Jim and I stay together?

2/cups ®……King/cups……3/swords

No, you and Jim will not stay together. The way things are right now, the way circumstances stand at this moment, if nothing changes, you will part ways…If you don’t have a tarot deck, google the images for these cards in the Rider/Waite deck. The visual image is very powerful for this reading.

Two of cups is a card of relationships, and when it’s reversed, it’s telling us that there are serious problems and that a couple is in the midst of running their course. The story will end with a parting of the ways.

This King represents Jim, and just as this card is in the center of the reading, he is in the center of your question.

Behind Jim is the three of swords-- a large red heart pierced by three swords. It is the card of heartache and sorrow, of grieving and loss. When it appears, a relationship is usually in its last throws.

Remember that the cards tells us what is at the moment they are drawn. We all have the ability to alter the circumstances in our lives by the decisions we make and the actions we take. If things are left as is, it appears that your relationship with Jim will run it’s natural course and come to a definite conclusion.

Question: Does Eric love me, and do we have a future together?

Temperance ®…..The Moon…..5/wands

My first impression is a lot of turmoil in this situation; an imbalance somewhere; deception; and the feeling that there are disagreements, or outright skirmishes between an individual and a group of people.

The energy feels like someone is waiting for something, but it’s unclear whether what they’re waiting for will arrive, or if it does, that it will live up to their expectations. There are two distinct energies at play here. The first is feminine and the more mature of the two, but there is a feeling of isolation about it. The second is masculine, immature, unsettled, scattered, and slightly frenetic. It’s very unstable energy, and I feel that this is Eric.

The card in this reading that I find the most problematic is The Moon. This card so often reveals dishonestly and deception in my readings; and it always makes me suspicious when it appears. This card is a heads-up, a warning to you to be very cautious about believing a lot of what someone is telling you. Check facts, listen to your intuition, and above all don’t be afraid to face the truth.

Other impressions include ‘bad-boy’ energy. But with any aspect of the tarot, there are always two sides. Eric has the potential to rise above any troublesome circumstances in his life and reach reasonable goals. The thing is that this is a decision he’s going to have to make on his own-- he has to want this. I also have the feeling that you feel trapped somehow, by circumstances, by your emotions and feelings, and that you are allowing this to impede your own personal growth and progress. This is something you want to put a check to-- don’t bring your life to a standstill for any man-- yes, you can still be in love; in doubt; in turmoil about relationship decisions, but don’t stop working toward your own personal goals in life, enjoying your own hobbies, friends, and activities in general. (An amazing number of women do this.)

I have the feeling that, perhaps because of the turmoil, fighting, or disagreements going on somewhere-- between a group of people, I feel-- that Eric may not stay where he’s at. There is the feeling of movement and change. Solid judgment is going to have to come into play here for the end result to be the result that you desire. Eric has to make a change in his life before he can openly, lovingly, and joyfully enter into a relationship.

It’s not you-- it’s him.

1. The Self

The Wheel of Fortune

This card at first suggests that something in your life has come full circle. You’ve followed a path and reached, if not a destination, a point of no return, or a fork in the road.

Random Insights…you have reached a point where you must make a decision. You may be avoiding this decision because you don’t want to face the issues, you don’t have all the information that you need to make the decision, or you are simply riding the fence-- dragging this process out much longer than it should be. This makes your position precarious and adds to any instability you may be experiencing in life.

To enhance your life you will have to withdraw from the emotional seclusion that you’ve placed yourself in and begin to develop new contacts, strengthening old contacts, and quite possibly eliminating anyone you have in your life that may be drawing negativity into your life.

2. Money & Possessions

4/pentacles ®

This card, in its reversed state, indicates that you will be coming out of a financial slump in the near future. It can also suggest that it’s okay to loosen up a bit with the funds and splurge.

Random Insights…the idea that you are ‘sitting on something’ comes to me, and very possibly this is related to some hesitation about a decision, some reason that you feel you can‘t move forward. You may feel that your hands are tied. You are on the outside looking in, or at least you feel this way. A mouse comes to mind-- animals frequently come up in my readings and are often related to the energy associated with the animal. In this case, I feel the mouse means that someone is hoarding away more than you are aware of. It can also mean an industrious and ingenuous mind. Activity may be going on behind your back.

Your heart chakra is greatly effected. Either you need to have this chakra balanced, or you need to listen to your heart-- or both. Your world, at this point, appears to be geared towards emotions. This can also mean that you are thinking with your heart instead of your head. Sometimes this turns out okay, and sometimes it doesn’t. Please be sure to have all the facts before you make any decisions, and think things through carefully.

3. Communications


Your life will greatly be changed by the news, information, opportunities, or revelations that you receive through some form of communication (i.e. email, letter, telephone call, etc.)

Random Insights…You appear to be moving through life in a daze, sometimes so caught up in your own thoughts that you are unaware of the people around you and their attempts at making a connection with you. Poppies (the flower) comes to mind. Waterways-- intricate rivers, creeks, byways; and also the idea of traversing a road (or life) having to make many detours and navigate through deep water here, a detour there. A sunset-- brings to mind the idea that time is of the essence, it’s getting late.

Happiness is only a thought away, a decision away, one small word or motion of acknowledgment away. You will greatly benefit if you strengthen relationships with family or friends. I have the impression that now is not the best time for you to be alone, and in fact, why should you be alone when all you have to do is reach out.

4. Beginnings & Home Life


A fresh start in your field of work and expertise will leave you in a position to be generous where generosity is needed. Your home life appears to be connected strongly to the idea of keeping things in balance; if this can’t be achieved, life will not be as rewarding.

Random Insights…The idea that you’re holding back, holding back emotions, feelings, perhaps protecting yourself by not being honest with someone about how you feel. There is the idea of walking on well-worn paths, which could mean that you will be repeating something in your life, or that you actually take frequent walks, relating a connection to the outdoors and the peace that you find there.

Your personal life will benefit from wisdom gleaned from someone around you, or from your own personal spiritual revelations. You may find yourself returning to something familiar, whether it be a physical location, or people that have been part of your life in the past.

5. Pleasure, Creativity, & Sex

Judgment ®

There is a hint of old-fashioned prejudicial conservatism and disapproval for that which doesn’t fit the mold of the moral majority. There may also be a feeling of guilt connected to physical pleasure or activities, related to early childhood training.

Random Insights…the idea of ‘floating’, in the sense that you are not set on a particular course, which gives you the feeling of being ‘directionless’-- and that’s a word of my own making, but it fit’s the feeling so perfectly. You are also reaching for something that isn’t quite within reach, and this leads to frustration. To stand naked-- stripped of all pretenses-- would mean standing before the world with the face that is truly yours. If you ever bring yourself to do this, you will be amazed at the feeling of liberation.

The sacral chakra is highlighted. As always, when one of the chakras reveals themselves to me in a reading, I always suggest that my client have it checked, see if it needs to be balanced, if it is working properly; and also, I listen to the wisdom of this energy-- embrace the sacral chakra and it’s ethereal qualities; but also be aware of the health of the reproductive organs that are connected with this energy wheel.

6. Health & Work


As far as work is concerned, the ten of wands signifies burdens and hard work. Health wise it can signify fatigue, lassitude, anemia, and other issues which directly effect your energy. Occasionally it reveals depression.

Random Insights…You feel an impediment to forward motion, as though something is holding you back. Figure out what it is that has you tied to one spot, what it is that’s preventing you from getting where you want to be. Once you’ve identified the obstacle, try to think of a game plan that would allow you to overcome it. What’s needed? There is the feeling that you are trying desperately to reach a particular destination and the way there is much longer than you thought it would be, which has led to discouragement.

There seems to be a swirl of mental conflict about you right now. All those strands must be untangled and smoothed over. You may not be thinking clearly about an issue in your life and how to get through it, change it, or resolve it. What you want and what you think you want might actually be two different things.

7. Partnership & Marriage

Knight/wands ®

As an actual character, this Knight rushes into your life like a windstorm, his cape blowing in the breeze, his horse snorting with exertion. The energy from this Knight can be overwhelming and controlling. He’s going to be all bravado. As an energy, this card is breezy, exuberant, rushed, and passionate.

Random Insights…a journey; the idea of traveling at high speed; summer; heat; self-empowerment through enthusiasm and mental fortitude. Although this card may indicate someone already in your life, or someone who will be entering it, it still has a strange very solitary feel about it. I don’t see marriage in your near future. You’re still waiting for the right connection to be made.

The chakra highlighted for this house is the root chakra. Survival is highlighted by this energy. The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, dominates the sexual organs, our sexual drive, and basic needs. If this energy center is out of balance, it can effect how we relate to another in a physical relationship, with either an over-the-top sex drive, or frigidity and impotence. The root chakra is raging with primal energy, as I said, survival is the name of the game. It’s this chakra that triggers our ‘fight or flight’ instinct.

8. Death & Regeneration


The eight of cups generally signifies that someone is leaving, has left, has abandoned a situation, has given up on a relationship.

Random Insights…At first glance, this seems like a weary card for this house, but it really isn’t. When you choose to leave, whether it be a relationship, a job, a way of life, or a situation, you often close a door in your life. The thing is, and so many people fail to see it this way, but the thing is that as one door closes another automatically opens…new possibilities are right around the corner. I feel that you have to abandon a negative situation in order for you to experience regeneration.

You have a decision to make-- this seems to be a repetitive theme for this reading. Choose wisely.

9. Mental Exploration & Journeys


This King is the epitome of mental endeavors, intelligence, and creativity. It is with the spark of the element of Air, that your mind is the focal point.

Random Insights…This card signifies a new awakening in this area of your life. Now is the prime time for you to begin new projects, expand your knowledge through learning experiences, or pass your knowledge on through teaching. Write, create, learn, and grow. The butterfly is the animal coming through for this card-- it is beautiful and vibrant, but also delicate, and I believe it may be showing me that these qualities are also found in you. For some reason, I feel that you may be mentally fragile at this point in your life. Concentrate on yourself and your own well-being.

The solar plexus chakra is highlighted. This energy is what gives us our sense of self-esteem; the strength to stand up for ourselves and be assertive. So many of the chakras have revealed themselves to me in this reading, that I feel it would be a good idea to get them balanced, if you know of someone in your area who could do this for you. I have a feeling that you may have blockages, which will prevent the energy from moving as it should.

10. Career Achievements

2/wands ®

The two of wands signifies a partnership, business contracts, financial opportunities, and the positive progression of a career.

Random Insights…This is an excellent card to come up for this house. You’re going to experience some marvelous opportunities coming your way. I feel that you may wind up having more than one offer where your career is concerned, and you’ll have to make a decision. (Maybe this is why the theme of ‘decisions’ and making up your mind keeps coming up in this reading.) Contracts are a key element for the two of wands. I also have the feeling that whatever you’re waiting for in this area of your life, you’ll find by traveling over water, or it’s coming to you from over water-- I realize that might sound strange, but that’s my feeling.

This area of your life seems to shine. I predict triumphant success in your career.

11. Friends, Wishes, & Ambitions

The Hierophant

This card signifies to me that your friends and family, or people that you come in contact with everyday, tend to be conservative and socially correct.

Random Insights…the idea of ‘taking an oath’, or a pledge, comes to mind; two crossed objects, perhaps signifying an inability to compromise; someone who is unable to ‘think outside the box’; an authority figure; an elderly man. These are just a few things that come to mind when I look at this card. I have the feeling that what you wish for, or your main ambition, may well go against the conservative norm for your social setting. This could be an obstacle for you.

“Rules were meant to be broken”…and so they are. Sometimes, in order to connect, in order to live our lives the way we know (deep inside) they were meant to be lived, we have to swim upstream, to go against the majority, to forge a new path. It often takes some pretty gutsy people to do this. If you’re strong enough to take on society and it’s prejudices, you will find a spiritual union with another individual at the end of this journey

12. Secrets, Sorrows, & Self-Destructive Tendencies

Knight/swordsFrom this card comes harsh and painful messages, a sharp tongue or disturbing messages, destructive behavior, and impulsive behavior. Sometimes this card will reveal mental anxiety or instability.

Random Insights…Just basic feelings from this card-- I have the feeling that you have experienced a rush of something very negative; you feel threatened; the sense of overwhelming or bullying male energy; a sense of hopelessness or helplessness, or both. I also have the feeling that you need to get out of the way-- I’m not sure what it is that you need to get out of the way of, but I’m betting that you will know this.

There is an area of your life, as far as what you wish for, that will benefit by 1) patience and 2) planning. Have a game plan, and make sure that you have the patience to see it through. You need to take charge of your life, and you need to take charge on a variety of levels-- emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

1. 5/swords

Traditionally the five of swords signifies conflict, usually conflict within a group of people, and sometimes personal conflict within an individual. This is the card that tells me you just might feel like you’re taking on the world, a ‘me-against-them’ situation is going on. My advice when this card comes up: Choose your battles wisely. Almost no one has the strength and energy needed to battle every little injustice or every idiot that we have in our lives; this is especially true if you’re involved in an unpleasant situation with a group of people. Out of the chaos, choose which issues are important enough to you that you simply can’t let it pass; and recognize which issues you can live with.

Random insights: You’re coming to the edge, or brink, of something; a finishing line; brief sweet victory; hurt feelings and misunderstandings; crossed-- usually a crossed condition means that my client’s life is in turmoil, it also signifies that you are at odds with someone, it can also mean that someone is deliberately making your life miserable, and occasionally it means that someone is making your life miserable but it’s not being done deliberately; “a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush”.

Psychic Tarot #5: Financial & Material Changes

Financial and material changes are coming within the next six months; but the card telling me this came up reversed, which could mean that 1) these changes may be disruptive; 2) these changes are not going to be exactly what you were expecting; 3) these changes are not going to come fast enough for you.

2. 6/swords

Traditionally the six of swords is known as ‘the divorce card”; and it can be read from many angles, not just from a relationship viewpoint. It typifies projective energy, in that something or someone is ‘going away’, or moving away from you. It can also signify that you are the one moving on. Occasionally this card has popped up in readings when someone is literally taking a trip.

Random insights: the idea that you’re not ‘going it alone’, you have someone with you whom you trust and can confide in; the idea that you’re not the one steering the boat, so to speak, that someone else may be calling the shots and has more control in a situation; communication is highlighted, and the need to open new channels of communication, making sure that everyone is on the same page; “weathering a storm”.

Psychic Tarot #2: Movement/Choices/Decisions

This card fits in perfectly with the six of swords, and it adds to the picture: in the end, whether you move on with your life and what changes are going to be made as far as employment and your finances go, may ultimately lay in your hands as choices and decisions that you must make. When an opportunity comes knocking, you’re going to have to move on it; and because this card came up at this point in your reading, I believe that opportunities will be presenting themselves to you within the next six months.

3. The High Priestess

This is one of my favorite cards, and this Priestess is virtually screaming from a mountain top: “Listen To Your Inner Voice”! When choices present themselves, when a decision has to be made, follow your own natural intuition. Be still inside and you’ll hear that little voice in your head, a voice we all possess, and you will know, without a doubt, what you must do.

Random insights: polar energies; yin-yang; black and white; Goddess energy; feminine empowerment; feminine strength; fertility in ideas and creativity; someone working behind the scenes-- be aware; a time for meditation, still the everyday chatter in your head, and listen on a deeper level.

Psychic Tarot #6: Third Eye Chakra

This card came up reversed, either signifying that you haven’t been listening to your own intuition, or that this chakra is blocked and not working properly, which would also result in less sensitivity to your natural inner voice. If you know someone who can clear and balance chakras, you might benefit by this experience. If not, you can work with this energy in a variety of ways: First, light a purple candle and lay yourself down for some quiet time, and while doing so place a stone of sodalite or lapis lazuli on your forehead, just above your eyebrows, where the third eye chakra is located. Play some soothing music conducive to relaxation, and hold this pose for at least ten or fifteen minutes. If the stone slips off your forehead during this relaxation period, don’t replace it. This generally signifies that the stone has done it’s job and it’s finished.

1. 5/swords ®

This card speaks of conflict, someone who may find themselves at odds with other people. As this card is reversed, this could be pertaining to something in the past, something that has either run its course, or a situation that sits as a stale-mate. Either way, there may be no winners here, because whatever caused this upheaval is not settled. I feel that this may be a situation with people who you work for, and the stress and negative energy from this unpleasantness may affect the energy in your home as well. Negativity, once it’s attached itself to you, follows you, almost as an ethereal entity would follow you.

I would suggest a cleansing bath, with a pinch of salt and a sprig of rosemary or lavender added to the water. Smudge your home with sage, sprinkle salted water in the four corners of each room; and occasionally smudge and cleanse your vehicle as well.

2. Knight/cups

This is the card that heralds the entrance of Prince Charming. I feel that a relationship is either on the horizon for you, or you are in the first stages of this relationship right now. Your prince tends to be the silent type, and even though he’s not very verbal, don’t think that he doesn’t feel deeply. Patience is required with this suitor if you are the kind who puts a lot of stock in clear and abundant communication. Your fairytale will have a happy ending, though the real world is not as cut and dried as most fairytales tend to be. Your prince also has his flaws, a lack of ambition or a lackadaisical attitude towards setting goals and reaching them is one of these flaws, if this doesn’t bother you and you are happy with him just the way he is, there won’t be a problem.

3. The Devil ®

This card is the card of personal demons, usually in the guise of addictions or obsessions. In its reversed state, it tells me that you have either conquered these demons, you are in the process of doing so, or you have the where-with-all to do it, you just may not realize it yet. Whatever it is that is your weak spot, know that you have the strength to conquer it, to overcome it, and to move past it.

I’m also getting the impression that someone has left (left your life, physically left an area, or left a relationship), someone possibly from your past, someone you most likely have known for a period of time. In this leaving, you may have discovered something about yourself, about life in general, or about what you need to make you stronger.

Also, don’t be surprised if you hear from someone from your past. Someone may be trying to find you to get in touch.

1. King/cups ®…

Yes, and the individual is most likely male. The personality found with this King is one that tends to be very quiet, finds verbal expression difficult, often doesn’t say what he’s really feeling, can be shy, is very sensitive, often intuitive, and is gentle. The other side of the coin is that he has a propensity to indulge in whatever is his weakness, whether this be food or drink, therefore he’s often overweight, or suffers from other health issues associated with excess.

The King of Cups is financially stable; has a tendency to make unwise decisions at times, especially regarding lifestyle or relationship issues; and tends to be nontraditional in some sense, whether in the type of work that he does, his spiritual practices, lifestyle, etc.

2. Queen/staves…

The red-headed man has a woman in his present life or past. I feel more strongly that it may be the past, that he’s divorced, or that he’s currently in the process of disengaging. There are elements about him that speak of frenetic unharnessed energy; unhappy or unpleasant issues coming to the surface of his life, of which he may be dealing with behind the scenes. I also feel that his future may hold an unexpected and unpleasant message that will come to him regarding personal issues.

I’m also getting the impression that this man is at odds with another male, whether it be a brother or some other family member, or a co-worker, or acquaintance.

Where this man is concerned, I feel that you are on the outside looking in. If you don’t make a move to become closer to his circle, or inner circle, this is the way things will remain. If you’re not close enough to interact, or you choose not to, the situation will remain stagnant. Someone has to make the first advancement to open the lines of communication, and along with it future possibilities.

3. The Moon…

On this card, in The Goddess Tarot, the goddess Diana is featured, she symbolizes feminine empowerment and the ability to defend oneself; the ability to take care of ourselves; steely determination, the kind that allows us to succeed with our endeavors. She is the huntress, and she symbolizes the Maiden aspect of the Goddess.

This card, The Moon, also warns us to beware of someone around us who may not be truthful, someone who is either lying outright, or who is not giving you the whole story.

At the conclusion of this reading, I believe there is a man in your future, though it may not necessarily be the man you have in mind now; the fulfillment of a deep wish, something that you’ve wanted for a long time, and perhaps something that only you know about. There will also be new opportunities or beginnings where money matters are concerned, either new endeavors you yourself will start, or opportunities that will arise where you’re at now.

1. The Devil ®

Your husband: this card generally tells me that someone is ruled by their obsessions, their addictions, their own personal weaknesses; and this is how I view your husband: a man who succumbs to his whims without consideration of the consequences.

This card also tells me that it’s possible your attachment to this man, and your willingness to overlook these issues, enables your husband to continue in this type of behavior feeling pretty assured that you will not really take any action against him to correct the situation.

Light a fire under his tail, figuratively of course. If you’ve never threatened a change of circumstances, now would be the time to speak up; if you’ve never taken any action, now would be the time to do it. If you have relatives or friends who could help you, it would be wonderful. If there’s any way for you to spend some time apart, even just as a ‘cooling off’ period, this would be beneficial on many levels.

2. Eight/pentacles ®

This is the card of apprenticeship and work. This card tells me that the main issue with your finances is a lack of employment, or a lack of opportunity for advancement in your place of employment. The eight of pentacles encourages you to either look for employment if you’re not employed already, or to consider taking school courses or extra training at work in order to prepare you for promotions and higher wages.

I’m also getting the impression from this card that you’re very crafty, very handy with your hands, and creative. If you’ve every rolled ideas around in your head along the lines of opening your own business, or starting a cottage industry from your home, this card is reaffirming the positive outcome of such an endeavor.

3. Knight/Wands

Black magick: The impression I’m getting is not one of intentional harm sent your way, but rather frenetic scattered energy, some of which may be generated by the people around you, some of it by the circumstances of your life right now and the stress that this is generating, and some of it from your own negative energy that you are creating, which feels like energy filled with tension and worry.

I suggest that you smudge your living space with an incense (sandalwood or nag champa), burn a white candle in each room, and leave a small bowl of salt in each room as well. You could also add a pinch of salt to a small bowl of water; dip your fingers in the bowl and lightly sprinkle this sacred water about your space. You might also find a good cleansing bath beneficial as well-- add a pinch of sea salt and sprig of lavender to your bathwater; burn a white candle and some incense, and bathe with intention (the intention of washing away negativity).

1. 2/staves

Finances are a main issue here, that and business connected with them. You’ve let go of something, and yet this is not the end. New opportunities will present themselves to you, if they have not done so already. I also have the impression that you feel separated from something or someone who is important to you or who had a major impact on your life. If you feel wistful about this separation (whether a physical separation or an emotional separation), you should also realize that it just may have put you in a better place, once you get use to the idea.

Also…try not to dwell on the past, but learn from if it possible; concentrate on employment or expanding your connections, your talents, your knowledge in order to grow in this area of your life; a message that you are waiting for, possibly unpleasant, is not going to come, or if it does, it’s intent and purpose will peter out well before it gets here.

2. 6/pentacles ®

Money is an issue-- and really, for us regular people, when isn’t it. I get the impression that you feel surrounded by people expecting money or waiting for money; and in among this is also the sense of responsibility you feel to your children.

Also…someone, possibly someone close to you, is reaching out to you in a special way or with a special need. Make sure that you are not so busy you overlook this, because I think it involves an important issue. You may also find yourself in a position to offer advice to others. There seems to be a male figure that ruffles things up for you, he’s rather like snot on a tissue (pardon my graphics, but this is what popped into my head). You need a time for quiet contemplation, as you seem to be thinking something through, and it involves a serious amount of thought before you act upon it. Fertility is right around the corner-- whether material fertility, fertility of creation, or personal fertility. Let past judgments lay; sometimes life gets too solemn and all caught up in justice-- what’s fair, what’s not-- and really, as time passes whatever issues are involved here will become null and void, not worth the effort it takes to ponder on them.

3. 8/staves ®

What you’re waiting for in life, right at this moment, is taking way too long to happen. I’m not sure there’s any way to speed things up-- unless you resort to a little witchy magick-- perhaps it might help, and perhaps it won’t, if you are expected to go through a process to learn a life lesson somewhere along the line.

Also…something is either hanging over you, or something (or someone) is manipulating unseen and deliberately slowing you down. You may feel trapped right now, but this is only a temporary condition-- as almost everything in life is-- and you will find your way out, or feel a sense of release very soon. I get the impression that you feel a sense of sadness and loss, and this too, though unpleasant and personal and all consuming, shall pass with time.

The most important issue in your life at this moment, to which you want resolution, is employment, and in the end there will be open doorways and unexpected paths to this goal. Be alert, be patient, and be prepared to make scary decisions and accept some heavy responsibilities.

1. Ace/pentacles

2. 8/swords ®

3. 9/wands ®

Aces herald beginnings, and the Ace of Pentacles is particularly tied to the material world, the world of physical things, the world of our five senses. With these cards there is a lot of energy encompassing feelings of being trapped, defensiveness, someone who feels they must always be on guard, a sense of sadness, and relentless feeling of isolation. I have to admit, there is a melancholy air to the cards drawn.

This drawing suggests that you don’t rush into anything, that you also be aware of the fact that someone may not be revealing the whole truth, and they are also withholding something more measurable from you, whether this is something emotional-- like their affection, or whether this is something physical-- perhaps something that belongs to you, or something that you shared.

The cards for this reading also strongly suggests something left behind, a sense of dissatisfaction, and a fear or anxiety about being alone. Before you think about trying to restart a past relationship, it would be to your benefit to concentrate on yourself for awhile-- what are your personal goals? (Meaning that which you hope to accomplish that is of your own volition, not involving someone else, or someone else’s efforts; how can you work on your weakness and enhance that part of you that has the potential for great strength and accomplishment. In order to be half of a successful twosome, you should be a whole and complete person within yourself, happy with where you’re at, who you are, and where you’re headed.

I’m also getting the feeling that you may not be listening to your own intuition, your own inner instinct in this matter. I have the feeling that you’re shutting something out, whether this is that little voice in your head, or advice from friends or relatives.

Concentrate on your finances-- watching them, being cautious with money matters, and perhaps trying to do some saving. As for the potential of a renewed relationship with your former partner, it doesn’t look feasible at this time in your life. It looks as though there are too many personal issues for you to smooth out, the universe seems to have too many other lessons for you to learn, places for you to go, and new experiences to encounter…But once you’ve done all this, becoming a stronger person along the way, you may be ready for a serious relationship connection in the future.

Page/cups ®

10/cups, The Hanged Man, Death

The main feeling here is one of tremendous sacrifice in the name of Family, and significant life altering changes that have accompanied this sacrifice.


Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Lovers

The idea here is that something is going to come full circle, and since it is your house in Minnesota that we’ve focused on for this group of cards, I would say that this center pile is the most significant for this reading. I have the feeling that there may be a legal hitch or two that has to be resolved when it comes to the sale of your house, but once this is worked out, the deal will be sweet. Expect a slight delay from this minor complication, but know that it’s just temporary.

The Star

The Hermit, 7/cups, The High Priestess

It looks as though you are thinking about making a decision that involves your intuition and deep seated feelings, something close to you from a spiritual perspective, or something that could be a very solitary venture. Whatever you decide, know that the way is lit, the path ready.

Also…the idea of building something comes to mind; you’ve got a ‘weight’ tied around your ankle-- I’m assuming this is figurative, unless you’ve been having physical issues with this part of your body, in either case, best to shake it; kiss someone bye-bye-- either a relationship is going through a transition, or someone is actually physically leaving to go somewhere; dance and be merry; the idea of reaching a pinnacle, like ‘ta-da’…I’m there.

Card 1, The power of the past:


The power of you past seems to lay in a relationship, a connection that somehow affects how you view your present, how you react to people, how you relate to work and money.

Card 2, The power of the present:


The power of the present is rooted in the fact that you are at a crossroads, you have decisions to make. Your future happiness will depend on making the right decision now. The power of you may also rest in your decision to hang onto your independence.

Card 3, The power of the future:

The Star ®

The power of your future lay in hope and the concentration of your efforts. It’s also suggested that the power of your future lay in the idea of leaving-- leaving something or someone behind in order o move on.

Card 4 & 5, Suggestions & tips for your behavior (your actions):

King/pentacles ®/Death

There are several suggestions that come up with this card-- the idea of ‘control’ comes up, either you are going to have to relinquish some of the power of your control over another, or you are going to have to forbid someone control over you (I’m not quite sure which this is, but I’ll bet you know); talk less, listen more; don’t always let another party in on just how much information or knowledge you actually possess on a subject, I hate to suggest the old ‘play-it-dumb’ game for women, but we have an ulterior motive here, and that’s to get ahead; listen to your intuition; shed sensitivity for a thick skin.

Don’t be afraid to wade into life in order to make changes, even if these changes are not what you quite had in mind.

Card 6, Obstacles that you must overcome or avoid:


Avoid disagreements, or people or groups of people who are already immersed in squabbles and bickering; procrastination-- stop putting off those things that must be faced, it only drags the situation and the stress out for a longer period of time; don’t be afraid to show your strength, even if you’re afraid that this will put someone off.

Card 7, The answer:

The Tower ®

Sometimes the answer to our future is total disruption. This might sound negative, but it’s not always that way. Sometimes we have to tear down the old to build something new. This is always the most tremendous type of change for human beings, the most unnerving, but sometimes all that garbage that’s surrounding our lives leaves no room for new growth.

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